The Joys of Manscaping – Body Grooming for Men

Man Body Chest Muscle - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

More men are doing it, and women are loving it

Manscaping is a relatively new term that refers to grooming, and particularly removing hair from, the male body. It’s not “gay” as some claim, and women love it. Read on for more info.

Ah, manscaping. Men have been doing it for centuries, but it wasn’t until a handful of years ago that someone coined the term and it started making it’s way into public awareness. For a while most men thought it was something only for homosexuals and metrosexuals, but now they’re realizing that it’s no big deal, and a lot of ladies really dig it.

For those men out there that are still in the dark, manscaping doesn’t make you gay. Taking care of your body, and particularly the hair on it, has nothing to do with your sexuality, although it can make you more attractive to potential partners. Taking good care of yourself says a lot about you, and people will like it. Whether you’re gay, straight or something in between, good grooming habits are always a good idea.

Another point for the homophobic: athletes have been manscaping for ages. Swimmers often remove some or all of their body hair to reduce drag in the water. Gymnasts do the same to prevent hair catching while they move and to look better. Body builders often wax their entire bodies to better display their muscles. They even make Nair for men now. Hair removal in men is actually a pretty masculine thing to do.

Now, what exactly is manscaping? Well, it ranges from things as simple as stylish beard trimming all the way up to body shaving and waxing. It refers mostly to the grooming and removal of body hair. One of the most popular manscaping techniques is trimming or removing the pubic hair. That may sound like a “no way!” activity for a lot of guys, but hey, women do it, so why not men?

How far a man takes his male landscaping is up to him. Some will trim their pubic hair, some shave or wax their chest, back, legs, arms or some combination of those parts. A lot of men start by removing chest and upper arm hair. It’s a great way to show off muscles and not have people think you look like a walking carpet. Some men go the distance and wax from the neck down. How far you go is up to you, and you can always let it grow back if you don’t like the results.

So, what kinds of manscaping do women like best? Well, it all depends on the woman, but there are a few things that the majority of women seem to enjoy. A favorite is grooming of pubic hair. Much like many men don’t like a woman to have a jungle down there, most women aren’t too keen on their man having one either. Another one many women appreciate is when guys ditch the back and shoulder hair. Some women may dig that kind of thing, but many will be thrilled if you wax it off.

Not only will manscaping make you more attractive to your partner, it also feels really good, for your partner and for you. Men are often amazed at how much more sensitivity they have after the hair is removed. This added sensitivity can be odd at first, but it can also be very enjoyable, especially in certain anatomical areas. Having less body hair also makes a lot of men feel cleaner, and removing hair can prevent chafing and rash in the summer. (And let’s not forget that trimming “down there” will make your manhood appear larger!)

Overall, manscaping is nothing new, and yet it’s being made new again. It’s a fine practice for any man, and the ladies (or gentlemen) will thank you for it. Give it a shot and see how your partner reacts. Their pleasure with the new, less hairy you might be well worth the effort!


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