Vampire Dracula Tampon Ad (No, I’m not joking)

o.b. Dracula Tampon Ad - © Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zurich, Switzerland

It is a scary fact that this ad actually exists.

What in the name of all that’s dark and evil were these people thinking? I don’t buy this brand, and this ad would not make me switch.

I know that vampires are the big thing again, what with True Blood and Twilight, but give me a break. A vampire with tampons for fangs? This is supposed to make people buy their product? Is there some ditzy teenager out there, thinking “OMG, it’s like, a vampire with tampon fangs! I’m like, SO buying those!” God save us.

Apparently this ad was produced in Switzerland in 2009. It’s unclear how much circulation it got, but it was enough for it to be all over the internet. I’ve seen other vampire-related advertising, like the True Blood edition razor (pic) and the Red Cross “Starve a Vampire campaign (pic) but this one takes the cake. Most sources say the tampon ad never ran since it didn’t meet J&Js standards, some claim it leaked through. (And yes, the pun was totally intended.)


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