My Custom Crocheted Nexus 7 Case

Crocheted Nexus 7 Case Craft - Image: © Briana Blair

After I got my Nexus 7 I knew that I was going to need a case to protect it. I checked Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Staples and the Dollar Store, and even Amazon, and couldn’t find a single thing I liked that was under $20. The price of cases is outrageous! So, In true me fashion, I said “bugger that!” and decided to make my own.

When I started out, I was planning for this to be temporary until I could buy or make something better. However, I did so well that I’ve decided I’m going to make a few modifications and keep it for good.

This was pretty simple to make, and I actually did the whole thing while watching Farscape episodes. Once I got started, I could crochet by feel without looking down. It’s made with one strand of royal blue crochet cotton and one strand of chocolate brown used together. I made a chain just a bit shorter than the tablet is wide. Then I went to half-double crochet and went down both sides of the chain with 2 extra stitches in each end. After that I just went around and around and around and… [grins]

When I got it tall enough I started going back and forth to make the flap. That’s all there was to it. Then I slid two sheets of brown craft foam inside for padding. They were the perfect size right out of the package, no cutting involved!

Now that I’ve decided I like it and want to keep it I’m going to fix it up a bit. I’m going to slide some cardboard or maybe bubble wrap between the crocheted pocket and the foam, then I’m going to sew them in place. I’m also going to do some nice stitching around the flap and top edge. I need to decorate it too, but I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet. I’ll give it some thought and I’ll be sure to share more photos once it’s finished.


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