Selling Your Jewelry Online – Tips and Advice

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Selling your jewelry online can be tricky, but rewarding

Selling your jewelry online can be a tricky business, but if you follow some basic tips, it can become a rewarding way to make money and get your handcrafted jewelry out into the world.

I have been selling handcrafted jewelry online for many years, and I have learned some important things along the way. I learned the hard way, from experience, but I’m going to share some things with you that should help you sell your jewelry online without facing the hassle and problems.

One of the most important things you need to do when selling your jewelry online is to provide good photos. No one is going to buy your item if they can’t tell what it looks like. No matter how good your description is, few people will buy when there’s no photo or a bad one. Make sure that your photos are bright and clear, and if possible (and applicable) show the item from more than one angle. Earrings and bracelets can be photographed lying flat or hanging. Necklaces, rings and headwear should be photographed on a model or mannequin, or at least on an item shaped similar to the body part they’ll be worn on.

Make sure that your photos are not blurry or grainy. Don’t alter the coloration or do any post-editing. It’s best if you have an area set up with a plain background and good lighting, with a tripod or brace to keep the camera steady. Make sure you have at least one really good photo, more if possible. A photo will say a lot more about your item than words ever could.

Even though photos are highly important, writing a good description is also very important when selling your jewelry online. A potential customer can’t pick the item up and figure out things about it, and they can’t ask you every detail the way they could in person. Your description needs to be clearly written and contain all the details a customer might want to know.

You can say a bit about the item, like how nice it is, what style it is (goth, punk, modern, etc.) and other descriptive comments. In addition to that, you need to give vital details about the piece. What is it made of? If it has multiple materials, list the major ones. How big is it? Width and length of necklaces and bracelets, size of rings, length of earrings and the like are very important to the customer. Can the size be altered? How heavy is it? Make sure you have these details, and anything else you can think of that a customer might enquire about.

On the topic of sizes, clearly listing the size of the item, if it has one, is very important. A necklace or bracelet might be beautiful, but will it fit the customer? They need to know so they don’t end up disappointed. If it’s possible, you should either make your items so they can fit multiple sizes (for instance, by adding a chain to bracelets and necklaces), or offer to custom size the item for an additional fee. If a customer can adjust the item themselves or get you to custom fit it, you are likely to sell your jewelry to a much wider audience.

As for materials, be sure you tell what types of metal and fabric are used. Some people have allergies and will need this information. Whenever possible, try to use cotton or satin thread and hypoallergenic earwires and posts, as they will be wearable by most customers. No matter what you use, be sure to disclose in your description, or at least offer customers a way to contact you and ask.

Pricing is one of the hardest things to deal with when selling your jewelry online. You need to make a respectable profit, but you don’t want to overcharge the customer. Try to think about the material costs, time involved, and potential market. Also think about how unique your items are, since more unique items will fetch a higher price. You also need to be careful not to undersell yourself. If you make a beautiful choker with excellent craftsmanship and materials, but you try to sell it for only $10 so you’re selling for less than your competitors, you may not make a lot of sales. People often equate cost with quality, and if your prices are too low they may think your items are cheaply made.

If you have good prices, clear description and good photographs, selling your jewelry online should go rather smoothly. Of course, you have to be producing good items and advertising to your niche market, but having all of these things taken care of should make selling your jewelry online a much more pleasant and rewarding experience.


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