I Wish People Would Stop Taking And Posting Selfies

Girls Women Photo Selfie Beach Smile - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I know this is a hot botton topic, and while a lot of people are on the “selfies are stupid” team, there are others who think it doesn’t matter. I have my opinions, and I’m going to express them. My word is not gospel and people are free to disagree, but it’s something I feel I need to say something about.

Personally, I can’t stand selfies. For one thing, they’re usually taken at bad angles, in bad lighting, and for whatever reason, often done in a bathroom mirror, which to me is just incredibly tacky. I don’t know why anyone would want to put a photo out into the public that shows them near the toilet.

I also happen to think that the selfie phenomenon has gone too far. It seems to me that people who take and post a lot of them are just really full of themselves. It’s like “look at me!” all the time. “I’m so hot and so special that I need to take daily photos of myself and you need to see them.” And don’t even get me started on the selfies for cancer thing. That does not help people who are suffering or make them feel any better, especially when you’re saying that it’s you at your worst. Yeah, a cancer patient really wants to be compared to you at a time when you think you look like shit. Not.

The other thing it makes me think is that the person has no friends. I mean seriously, you can’t find another human being to point the camera at you? I don’t even care about whether a photo is taken with a regular camera or the one in your electronic device. It’s the fact that you have no one in your life to take the photo for you. I have almost zero friends or family and even I can find someone to point a camera at me when I need a photo.  I’m sure most people out there have plenty of family and friends, so finding someone to take a normal picture of you shouldn’t be that hard.

The whole thing just seems to be part of the media craze of people being incredibly shallow. Everybody’s trying to be something that they’re not, focusing on appearance, and focusing on self, self, self. It seems conceited. I mean sure, you want some photos of yourself out there so people know what you look like and so you can remember certain times in your life, but you don’t need so many and you don’t need to be taking them of yourself.

I know a lot of people think that we who dislike selfies should shut up and let people do whatever they want to do, and there is some validity in that. However, we’re also allowed to express our opinions, and at least I think my feelings on the topic have some sense behind them, rather than just being a negative opinion for no reason.


4 thoughts on “I Wish People Would Stop Taking And Posting Selfies

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  1. I can understand SOME selfies. You’re at a Con and you get a chance to take a photo of yourself with some actor you really like. In the moment, you gotta take it yourself. Better than an autograph if you ask me. I do agree with you about the conceit bit, people NEED to stop being so bloody self-centered all the time.


  2. Like I often say, everything in moderation. I think some selfies are perfectly fine as long as they’re not all the time. But yes, people have become pretty conceited and mobile device manufacturers make it far too easy with the front facing cams. I realize they were meant for Skype and whatnot, but that’s why the selfie craze has absolutely exploded. I guess we need to eliminate front-facing cams!


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