People, Please Stop Photoshopping Yourself

Paint Brush Image Edit Art Photoshop - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I can’t even count the number of times that I have seen photos on the internet that are obviously Photoshopped. I’m not even talking about the celebrity ones either. I’m talking about average people who, for whatever reason, feel that faking how they look is necessary before posting photos of themselves online. It’s another sign of how bad the times are and it’s something that needs to stop.

What’s really crazy is that there are so many Photoshopped images out there that there are entire websites dedicated to scouring FaceBook, Tumblr and other sites for them, then posting them for viewers to make fun of. The vast majority of the time, the people editing these photos aren’t fooling anyone. It takes a pro to edit an image of a person and make it believable. The general internet user just doesn’t have that much skill.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos where some girl or woman edited her cheeks to be slimmer, her boobs to be bigger, her waist to be thinner or her butt to be huge. (and I’ll be writing a post about that disturbing phenomenon later) You’ve seen the ones where they guy pastes on 6-pack abs or inflates his muscles or enhances the size of his “package.” You can totally tell that they’re faked. More often than not the background is warped or they left their reflection unedited or they used some crappy free software that pixelated the hell out of the edited areas. No matter what they’re doing, it’s obvious, and it makes them look really bad. Not just bad as in fake, but bad as in totally insecure and not very intelligent.

Here’s the thing, you can Photoshop an image to hell and back, and maybe you’ll trick a few really low IQ people into thinking that’s what you look like. But… And here’s where you really need to think… Eventually you’re going to be seen in person, in the real world, and you’re not going to look like that. In a split second your reputation is shot and you look like a complete fool. Why would you do that? Unless you intend to never leave your house and stay away from all photographic devices, eventually the truth will come out, and it’s not going to work out in your favor.

Just be yourself, okay? Sure, take a photo under good lighting, strike a pose, fix your hair and put on some flattering clothes. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s totally natural. But be yourself. The real you is good enough. Nobody worth knowing is going to judge you harshly for being who you are and looking how you look. Anyone with any sense however, is going to be seriously pissed that you tried to trick them into thinking you’re something you’re not. There is never a good end to that. You are who you are, you look the way you’re meant to look. Embrace that. Own it.

I know that society is constantly telling people that natural is bad, and we all need to look like the Photoshopped plastic people in the magazines. It’s all lies though. If we were meant to look like that we’d all be born that way. We’re supposed to be different, and we’re all perfect just the way we are. Trying to fake it isn’t going to change who you really are. Surgery isn’t going to help either. You just have to learn to love the skin you’re in and be happy with that.


5 thoughts on “People, Please Stop Photoshopping Yourself

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    1. Yes! a person will never be happy if they’re always trying to be something they’re not.
      It’s also valid to point out that as more people stop paying attention to the media and start embracing loving who they are naturally, the media would have to change. It wouldn’t do them any good to try to tell people that they have to be fake to be happy if most people knew that they’re good the way they are and accepted each other for their natural selves.


      1. This is why I refuse to listen to what society and the media expects out of me. Their standards of beauty don’t matter to me. I do my own thing and it works out for me. I like who I am, and I have great people who love me. Why would I want anything else. People spend so much time and money listening to what others tell them that they should want and it ends up being such a waste. People don’t have an identity anymore. It’s almost as if society and the media is trying to raise an army of Stepfords.


        1. They are. We’re more profitable if we’re stupid and will follow whatever we see on the television. With less education and more media saturation the people can be controlled. It sounds like an insane conspiracy theory, but it’s actually the truth.

          And good for you for loving who you are and thinking for yourself. I love to see people who are taking that route. We all need to do that and spread the message to as many other people as we can.


  1. When I heard about ODD I nearly died. I can’t believe we live in a society where thinking for yourself is a disorder that you need to be medicated for. That’s just wrong.
    You’re not insane, you’re smart. People are afraid of smart. People think I’m batshit crazy too, but I know I’m just one of the few sane ones out there, and I keep speaking out hoping that I can wake other people up.


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