Why Do Women Seem To Want Gigantic Butts?

Butt Bikini Women Beach Skin - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

In my article about Photoshopping I mentioned that women are trying to fake the big butt look in photos. And not just big, huge. I mean huge. I don’t understand it. I know it may be my personal preference, but I happen to think those gigantic butts that stick out a full body’s width behind you are just gross. It looks like a deformity, not a desirable trait.

I know that part of it probably has to do with the Kardashians, but even their posteriors are not as big as what some women seem to want. I have seen women with actually huge butts, but there is a serious trend in women digitally editing their photos to look like they have a VW Beetle in their pants. What the hell is up with that?

As I said, I happen to think huge butts are nasty, but that’s me. I can understand that an ample backside is probably attractive to some people. Even the particular amount or rumpage that one finds attractive probably varies greatly. The thing is, when did comically large asses become something that people wanted? What is it about having that much junk in your trunk that people think is sexy? Is it just more media head games, or did someone somewhere start saying that a woman’s sex appeal was now determined by her butt size?

I don’t get it at all. For one thing I really don’t understand where women find clothing to go over those giant backsides and still fit at the waist and legs. It’s got to be hard. Honestly, I feel sorry for women who are naturally shaped that way. It also seems like it would be an impediment to mobility and sitting comfortably. I can imagine it’s got to be like trying to sit on a stack of pillows, which is no fun.

Women getting any kind of surgery they don’t need bugs me, but rump implants just seem stupid. And oh my god, did you hear about the back-alley butt implants using Fix-a-Flat and hardware store silicone? Yeah, that’s how far some women are willing to go. And of course, there’s the unbelievable rash of images now on the internet where girls and women have edited their asses to laughable proportions because, for some reason, they think it makes them look good.

Once again I have to remind women that loving themselves is so important. You have to be yourself and love who you are. If you weren’t born with a big butt, love the butt you have. There are people who like flat butts and tight butts and jiggly butts and long butts. And when it comes down to it, it’s just a body part. What’s more important is that a person like you, as a person. You’re not just a collection of parts, you’re a human being with a brain and a heart and that’s what matters. Stop trying to be what you’re not. Love the body you have and ignore what anyone else thinks or says.


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