Are Sexual Fetishes Actually a Mental Health Issue?

Chained Hands Bound Shackles Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

**Warning: This article, while educational, deals with mature and possibly disturbing topics and is not recommended for sensitive viewers.**

That episode of 7 Deadly Sins I mentioned in my previous article not only made me think about people blurring the lines between self-love and unhealthy living, but also about the fine (and sometimes not so fine) lines between fetishes and mental disorders.

In the episode I was exposed to a new term: feederism. Feederism is defined as “An underground sexual fetish which involves one partner (the feeder) feeding the other, both to obtain sexual arousal and to encourage weight gain in the feedee.” So, they literally get off on feeding someone and watching them become obese.  Typically the feedee is not just overweight, but flabby and obviously unhealthy, since the flab and loose fat are part of the attraction.

How about coprophagia? This is a fetish wherein a person consumes feces. Urolagnia is a fetish where people are aroused by urinating on someone, being urinated on or consuming urine. More commonly known is autoerotic asphyxiation, where people suffocate themselves for sexual arousal. Hybristophilia is being interested in and aroused by extremely violent individuals. Feel free to look up Menophilia, Emetophilia, Biastophilia and furry fetishes.

I honestly believe that all of the so-called fetishes listed here, along with many others, are not just harmless kinkiness, but deviant behavior enacted by mentally ill individuals. Some professionals agree whereas others say it’s perfectly natural exploration and testing of boundaries. I side with those who consider it unnatural and unhealthy behavior.

While I’m in no way saying that we should all revert to missionary position sex in the dark one day a week, I do believe that people need to think about what they find sexually appealing. How could anyone ever think that consuming bodily waste is arousing, healthy or natural? How could causing physical harm to another human being be considered stable behavior?

I think our society has erased too many lines. We now consider utterly deviant behavior to be normal. I think that people who engage in these activities need serious professional mental help to fix whatever is making them aroused by such repulsive things and acts. We need to realize that with our media overstimulation and lack of education, people are continually seeking new and more disturbing ways to gain gratification. It will only get worse until society begins to change and take care of the mental illnesses so rampant within the population.


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