Love Your Body, But Make Sure It’s Healthy

Woman Body Fitness Exercise - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I watched a show last night called 7 Deadly Sins. It showcases the seven deadly sins in a way that is somewhere between display and disgust. The first episode featured a 700 plus pound woman, and it set me off to a point where I could probably write about it all day.

I’m always telling people to love the body nature gave them and not worry about being skinny or looking like what the media shows us. I believe in that. However, I always qualify my “love your body” statement with a disclaimer that being healthy is what’s of utmost importance. Whatever your shape, you must be healthy. Being unhealthy is the only thing that should make you unhappy about your body, and becoming healthy, not becoming “attractive”, should be your primary goal.

In the episode I mentioned, a woman they called Darling Nikki asked viewers to respect her choices and desires. She does this after showing us her more than seven hundred pound body and describing how she eats whole sticks of butter and entire pizzas. Not only that, her lover encourages her to become even fatter. I’m sorry, but I cannot respect someone who is deliberately making themselves unhealthy. She’s killing herself, plain and simple.

So yes, I draw the line somewhere when I tell men and women to love their bodies. You should be healthy. If you’re not, you need to do something about it. Being big is fine, being fat is not. Eating junk food, not exercising and letting your body go to pot is not something you should allow.

People think that it’s confidence when they love their flabby, overweight bodies. It’s not. It’s denial. If you’re unhealthy, you’re unhealthy, plain and simple. If you really loved yourself and your body, you’d take care of yourself. You’d exercise, eat healthy and be good to yourself. It’s okay to be overweight and say “I love myself, so I’m going to get healthy” but it’s not okay to be overweight and say “I love myself, so I’m going to sit here and eat another Sno-Ball.”

I’m not saying that overweight people should hate themselves, so don’t get that idea. I’m only saying that if they really cared about themselves, they would get healthy. They would eat right and exercise so that they can live long, happy lives. They don’t have to get thin or buff. That may never happen for some people. They only need to get as healthy as they can be. Truly loving yourself means that you put your health first.


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