Wish For The Healing Of Sick Minds and Mental Illness

Brain X-Ray - Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Today’s posts seem to be revolving around food, deviant behavior and mental illness, so it seems fitting to talk a bit about people who are suffering from various forms of mental issues.

Society tends to shun and mistreat people with mental issues. Those with disorders like depression, schizophrenia, multiple personalities, sociopathy and pedophilia are pushed out of society and many look upon them simply as a disorder rather than as a person. While most would think that ignoring or shutting away such people would be the best course of action, I believe that we should wish for them to be healed, and if possible, take steps to make that healing happen.

Our society has caused people to be the way that they are. I don’t have exact statistics, but it appears that genetic mental disorders are far less prevalent than developed disorders. Through lack of education, media desensitizing, poverty and violence we have bred a society of mentally ill people. Since we as a society made them that way, it is our responsibility to make them better.

A study I read stated that mental health issues have risen 38% in the last decade,  and society is struggling to keep up. Here’s the thing though, instead of trying to figure out where to put these people and how to get them medicated, we should want for them to be truly healed and take steps to not only help affected individuals, but to prevent the issues from arising in the future. We should not look on these people as a scourge to society, but instead see them with a compassionate heart and do what we can to make their lives better.

We need less medication and more real help. People with mental issues aren’t freaks and monsters, although their disorders may cause them to act in abhorrent ways. Something in their lives broke something inside their minds. They need compassion, friendship and therapy. Medicating a mental issue doesn’t fix it, it just pushes away the symptoms for a while. It is only through finding the source and facing the problem that one can grow beyond it and become healthy. If we really cared, that’s what we’d be working on.

As a society we need to stop sensationalizing deviant behavior and encouraging excess, then punishing people whose minds become damaged from it all. We need to love our fellow man and do whatever we can to aid them. Even we as individuals can help, by being good to one another and helping people if we see that they have problems. Even simply listening to someone can make a positive shift in their mental health.


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