Drinking Vs. Getting Drunk and Why Drunk Is Bad

Alcohol Liquor Martini Olive Glass Drink - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I don’t remember how it came up the other day, but somehow the topic came around about people doing alcohol enemas to get drunk, and it killed some people. That is a very high level of stupidity right there, but it made me think once again about the issue of drinking versus getting drunk.

A lot of people have a problem with the idea of consuming alcohol, and a lot of it stems from having seen people drunk, and not liking it. I don’t blame them. No intelligent person likes a drunk. Drinking is fine, but getting drunk isn’t. Sure, it may happen accidentally from time to time, but getting drunk on purpose is just incredibly stupid to me. Unfortunately, we live in a society that has turned drunkenness into a form of amusement.

Personally, I like to have a few drinks now and again. There was even a time when I drank every weekend. Was I a drunk? No, not at all. There were only a few times that I had too much. Usually, I had two or three beers or mixed drinks, had a good time and that was it. I know my limits, and I keep them in mind. I even avoid circumstances (like drinking at a party) where it would be easy to lose track and get screwed up.

There is nothing good about being drunk. I have never understood why anyone would want to be drunk. Your mind is altered and it’s very easy to do or say stupid things. You can get talked into things you’d never do sober. You can also be taken advantage of, sexually or in other ways. The more you drink, the more likely things such as vomiting, passing out, becoming violent and getting injured become. People do a lot of dumb shit when they’re drunk.

I know that a lot of teens and twenty-somethings have the idea that drinking a lot is cool. It’s not. Those YouTube videos of you barfing off you’re buddy’s railing or peeing in your friend’s potted plant should be proof of that. Acting like an ass, doing dumb or dangerous things, and then suffering a hangover or something far worse the next morning is not cool. And don’t forget what all that drinking is doing to your liver and the rest of your body. Excessive drinking is just a slow form of suicide.

Drinking can be done responsibly. It’s completely okay to catch a buzz and feel good. You just need to stay in control of yourself. Learn where your limits are and don’t cross them. Never let anyone tell you that you need another one or that you’re uncool for not drinking more. And this goes for adults too. Young people aren’t the only ones who get drunk, act like fools, and use peer pressure to encourage excessive drinking and stupid activities. Adults are just as guilty.

Drinking responsibly is just a better idea all around. You can feel good but at the same time keep yourself safe from those life-wrecking YouTube videos, hangovers, injury, rape and death. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s cheaper too. Seriously, have a few drinks and enjoy it, but be safe and do everything you can to avoid getting drunk. It’s not cool or funny or in any way a good idea.


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  1. If only people actually DID DRINK RESPONSIBLY, think of all the lives it would save and/or not ruin. But our society needs a major paradigm shift in how we deal with drunks. Compared to a lot of other countries, America is ridiculously lenient. Too many deaths or life-altering injuries happen because of alcohol being abused… and it’s a rite of passage to social acceptance at many colleges now? What is this world coming to!?


    1. Yes, there needs to be a huge shift. It always bothers me that the media has such an influence on people. We all have the capacity to do the right thing, but when a celebrity can get more popular by being drunk or drugged up doing stupid shit in public, it makes people think it’s something to emulate.
      It gets me too that we have ads for alcohol all over the place, and tons on TV, and no one’s bothered by it. Alcohol harms more people daily than cigarettes, but cigarettes can’t be on TV and alcohol can.


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