Why I’m Radically Reducing My Use of The FaceBook Like Button

Thumbs Up Hand Ok Good - Image: Public Domain, Clker

Just recently I hit like on something on FaceBook, then I clicked again to unlike and left a comment instead. FaceBook has taught us to be lazy, taught us that all we need to do to “interact” with another person is to click a like button. It’s starting to really get to me, and I have to do something about it.

Even though FaceBook offers us a wonderful way to connect with other people from all over the world and communicate with them, we don’t actually communicate. You see something and all you do is click like and move on. You don’t take any time to actually interact with people or what they post. It’s lazy and doesn’t build relationships or connections. I’ve done it too, even though I know I shouldn’t. However, we can change any time we want, and I’m going to put more effort into being better, starting today.

I have already cut back on how many times I click like. I already try to comment more often. Did you know that FaceBook now gives more weight to comments than likes? That means that you’re doing more when you comment than when you like. It improves your feed and increases the reach of the things you comment on. We should take the time and effort to actually say something on a post rather than just offering a quick click before we move on.

Leaving a comment takes more time and effort then hitting like, and it shows the person who posted that you actually care. I know that many people consider comments like “Thanks for this post” to be spam, but it’s better than just a like. I know I’m going to have to get creative in order to leave comments instead of likes, but I think it’s worth putting more effort into. At least the person posting will know that I cared enough to take some time out of my day to say something.

The internet in general is teaching people to be lazy, just skim and click and leave, but we need to slow down and take more time. We need to actually read and think and comment. Blogs are another good example. People don’t comment as much as they should at all. We need to put more effort into actually connecting with the people we encounter on the internet. You never know what good will come from it.


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