Why Keep Life And Work Separate On Social Networks?

Internet Tree Icons Media - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I’ll admit, I’m no guru when it comes to social networks. I’m still trying to find my way around it all and find what works for me. I know that there are tons of “rules” about how to use social networks (most of them conflicting), but when have I ever followed the rules? Not often. I prefer to find my own path and figure out what works for me personally.

Anyway, in the midst of all of this, I find myself in a bit of a quandry that was created by me making a mistake. I connected my Google account to Friends+Me so that it would send my posts to other social networks. (I hate posting to every network individually) Well, I was happily going about my business posting on G+ when I realized that a few personal statuses had made it to my FaceBook Fan Page. I was worried at first, and deleted them. Then I was rather vigilant about using the #ns control hashtag to keep my personal things off my fan pages. Then I got to thinking.

The whole point of everything I do online is for people to see me, get to know me, like me, and yes, eventually buy my stuff. But the getting to know me and like me is what leads to that end bit. In order to know me, they have to see more than posts with sales codes and links to my work. Shouldn’t they see parts of who I am? Is it really so bad if people on my FB Fan Page or G+ Business Page see my random thoughts or some of the things I share because I feel they’re important? Doesn’t that all go into people seeing who I really am and thinking of me as a real person instead of just some automaton trying to sell them stuff?

I know that there are probably people cringing right now, because the rules say never to mix business and pleasure online. Of course, there are also rules that say you’re supposed to be a real person otherwise people can’t connect to you emotionally, and they won’t do business with you. So who’s right, and where do you draw the line? I’m sure everyone has an opinion, but in the end, what will be right for me and the people I’m trying to connect to?

Honestly, I don’t even want to have Fan and Business pages. I’d rather use my personal profiles for everything. I’m a person, not a business. I know, I know, the current (and in my opinion, stupid) belief is that if you sell anything you’re a business. Last time I checked though, I wasn’t made of brick or concrete and didn’t have any light fixtures. Therefore, I’m a human being, and I want to present myself as such. I know I have to watch it with business links on a personal profile, there’s a fine line where it can get you in dutch, but no one seems to care about the fan/business pages, but they flock to my profiles.

I think the reason that profiles are more popular is because they’re more informal. They have more that’s interesting and real and engaging. Constant sales pitches annoy the hell out of people. So I wonder how effectively I can dance that line between business and personal and make it work. I think I’m going to try though. I want to be seen as a real person, no matter where I am online. I want to really connect with people. I want them to know I’m not just about sales, I’m about being a real person interacting with other real people. If my Klout score and Twitter analytics are any indication, I’m doing well so far. I guess we’ll have to see how it goes as time goes by.


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