Food Tracking Databases Lacking In Raw And Fresh Food Options

Vegetables Food - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

I’m in my third week of owning my FitBit One, and I’ve been using their site daily. In the past, I’ve used FitBit and other sites for food tracking to help me lose weight. No matter which site I use, I’ve noticed one thing that seems to apply to all of them. It’s always hard to find healthy and raw foods to log, but really easy to find junk food. In my opinion, there’s something seriously wrong with that.

Food tracking sites are designed for people to become aware of what they eat, lose weight, and adopt healthy eating habits. Since it’s all about getting healthy, I have to wonder why it’s so hard to find healthy foods in the databases, but so easy to find junk food. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t these food databases focus on raw and plain food listings, and have fewer junk food options?

Just as an example, it’s a nightmare trying to find raw vegetables to add to my log on FitBit. We do all our cooking from scratch, so when I’m inputting a meal, I need to be able to enter plain meat and vegetables. More often than not, I have to add vegetables from a restaurant salad bar and hope that the information is accurate. It’s nearly impossible to find “broccoli, raw” or things of that nature. I would think that any of these databases would have a huge amount of space dedicated to every kind of fruit and vegetable possible, and also raw meats and seafood.

On the other side of that, I have seen scads of listings for fast food restaurants and junk foods. It’s never hard to find a listing for some bad-for-you snack that we’ve decided to indulge in, like dollar store macaroons or Oreo cookies. Even our splurge at Zaxby’s was easy to find. But heaven forbid I want to add the nice raw bell pepper I snacked on. I have to go in and input pepper rings from a pizza joint, and hope that what I’m choosing is close to the real thing.

I’ve always wondered about that sort of thing. I started using food trackers a little over two years ago when I had my big weight gain, and as I went from eating crappy, microwave meals to eating healthy, freshly made foods, it got harder to track what I was eating. I manage now, but it’s still not as easy as I think it should be to find simple things like raw fruits and vegetables and unaltered meat and seafood. What do you think? Should these tracking sites focus more on healthy foods, or at least make it easy to find raw foods that you’d buy from the store?


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