Big Girls in Leggings and Not Being Sh!tty to One Another

I was looking at my DoYouYoga newsletter this morning and saw an article about a woman who got an insulting letter in the mail for wearing leggings. Yes, you heard me right. Some messed up person wrote a note, printed an insulting image, and mailed it to her because they didn’t like the way she looked. She posted about it on social media. I was glad to see the flood of support from good people, but the fact that this happened at all is just appalling.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? Look, I know that there are probably always going to be some shitty people in the world. A eutopian society filled with kindness is a long way off. (And I did actually spell that right, by the way. Look it up!) The thing is, people are rapidly worsening. They’re going to greater lengths to spread their rotten shit around. It drives me even more crazy when I think that I actually feel sorry for the bullies, as well as the victims. Yeah, being a good human being can be a pain in the ass.

Seriously though, I had to go and edit the beginning of this, and I’m tempted to edit my first social media post, because I called the insulter a jackass. It’s so easy to just be angry at people, and due to their behavior they deserve it, but at the same time, most of you out there are contributing to making each other shitty people. You’re hurting and insulting and tearing one another apart, you’re laughing at people’s pain and making memes out of it… It’s a vicious cycle, and the people doing all this mean shit are victims too, even though it can be hard to see it. The anger is so easy, it’s just so easy to be pissed at them and hate them. It’s not going to help though.

*sighs* Look, here’s the thing… You all need to stop being shitty to one another. You all have a choice. You really do. You can start by keeping your judgmental and mean opinions to yourself. Like the writer of the note mentioned above. That person had no call to do that. Your opinions are not facts. If you don’t like people of a certain weight, well, that’s really shallow, but it’s your choice. Now keep your thoughts about that to yourself. If you don’t like people in certain clothes, keep that to yourself too. Hurting other people is not cool. It’s not funny. It’s not smart. It’s cruel and shitty and unnecessary. It doesn’t make you cool or funny or tough or anything but a jerk and a bully.

If you think hurting people is funny or if it makes you feel good, you really need mental help. Seriously. Society has severely damaged you and you need therapy. Hurting another person shouldn’t feel good. It should never seem like a good idea. It never does any kind of good for anyone. You always have a choice in how you act and what you do. You can choose to not be a bitch or asshole. You can learn to think first and speak later, if you’ve got anything worth saying. And for shit’s sake, think about how you’d feel if the tables were turned. I guarantee that you’re not strong enough or confident enough to not have a sore spot that someone could poke that would make you feel just as shitty and low as you make other people feel. You’re not perfect, or you wouldn’t do this shit in the first place.

Damn, I need to get away from this computer for a while. I’m halfway between wanting to murder every jackass out there for what they’ve done to good people who didn’t deserve it, and wanting to get them all in a room, give them a head smack, a hug, and therapy the shit out of them until they get it and become better people. It’s tiring and heartbreaking all around.


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