Sex, Drugs and Scandal Sell, and We Encourage It

In the most recent episode of Royal Pains a slutty, bad-reputation singer was revealed to be a sweet, religious country girl. When asked about her rep, she said it was created by her manager because a bad girl image sells better. It’s sad and disgusting, but true. Why do we allow, or worse encourage, this kind of behavior?

It’s a sad trend that the more scandal a celebrity is involved in, the more likely they are to make money. Those celebrities who stay out of trouble and do good are swept under the rug while those who sleep around, do drugs and get drunk are blasted across every media outlet. Even better if there’s some for of indecency that can be shown off for years to come.

There are celebrities whose claim to fame lies almost solely in their ability to create scandal. They have little or no talent, but become rich and famous because the general populous are suckers for filth and bad behavior. They eat it up like candy and scream for more. They consider it all part of being a celebrity, and excuse behavior that would land any common person in prison or life-long therapy. Why do we allow celebrities to be held to a different standard? Why are they not punished the same for what they do?

I know I’m in the minority, as someone who pays little or no attention to the celebrity buzz. I don’t care what they do. When I do find out, which is often inevitable due to media saturation, I don’t cheer their bad behavior. I don’t think that they’re stressed over their fame and it’s all okay. I have refused to buy albums or movies containing people that exhibit constant bad behavior. Most people though crave the news, seeking out who did what, and will spend more money on those who have the worst attitudes and habits.

Save the Drama - Available at Zazzle
Save the Drama – Available at Zazzle

It’s a sad state for the world. We should hold celebrities to the same standard as anyone else. Their antics shouldn’t be rewarded. They should face the same penalties as the rest of the population. What’s more, we should stop our craving for anarchy, sexual promiscuity and destructive behavior like drinking and drugs. We may live vicariously through celebrities, but that’s just as bad. We encourage their behavior, and in turn, their behavior influences our children, teens and even adults. This cycle brings society lower and lower with every passing generation.

I highly recommend that you do what you can to take a stand against celebrity misbehaving. Stop buying tabloids. Don’t watch shows that flaunt celebrity antics. Don’t buy the works of those who and engaging in negative behaviors. Basically, let your wallet do the talking. It’s also a good idea not to share anything about these people’s behavior on your social networks. Instead, make it a point to seek out information on those who are living right and doing good for the world. Share things about celebrities who are making a positive influence. It may not be easy to shift the media tide, but it can be done.



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